Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Designing for Friends and Family

Its so reliable. People tell me what they want and I can manifest it.
To the right is a picture of a sweater designed for my husband. It turned out great and was easy to make because I knew what he wanted.

To the left is a golf sweater I designed for my dad. I just re-made it for him again for father's day, and can't wait for the photo shoot at the golf course!

I have just sent a friend a pattern that I wrote for her. I hope that it turns out. I haven't even knit a swatch, but just left it all to her. I hope that she likes the finished result, and I hope that there were not too many errors in the pattern!

Another pattern that I am working up right now is for some SPATS! This was at the recommendation of my husband.
Also in the works is a project involving hairpin crochet and SUPER fine yarn. Keep checking in!