Friday, August 29, 2008

Turning it up

Anthropologie gets the thumbs up for pulling out all the stops and letting a daydreamy explosion of color and life fill your head.

I went with Nicole to check out the sweaters. She is chasing the mythical cardigan dragon. The fun machine knit and cut and sew sweaters inspired a lot of thinking about designs.
Then we went to Nordstrom and surveyed the $2,000+ couture suits and dresses. Studying the intricate machine-knit patterns of Missoni did not shed much insight into how it could be replicated with hand-knitting. Nicole is an excellent reader of stitches considering she does complex combined knitting that allows to her to knit rapidly. She and I agreed that there were short rows, increases, decreases, knit and purl bumps and vertical color stripes. I love Missoni.