Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oakland Art Murmur

Isaac and I went to the Oakland Art Murmur last Friday. It happens all over town, but we lurked in the area near Rock Paper Scissors and the Stork Club in downtown. Folks were selling crafts and foods on the street.
Here, have a delicious home made cupcake, why don't you? I had ginger molasses. Mmmm.
The art was really impressive. My favorite were the two artists at Johansson Projects, 2300 Telegraph Ave., Kate Eric and Marina Vendrell Renaut.
Marina Vendrell Renaut.
This one, I can confidently say, is made from thrift store sweaters.

Marina, you are having too much fun--can it possibly be legal?
I also loved Kate Eric's drawings so much, I almost bought one for my office at work.

Is it okay to have a drawing of a serpent creature digesting a baby in your office? Hrrrmmmm . . .
Also, I met the gals that run The Moon, tucked away on a side street between Telegraph and Broadway on 24th, I believe. Gorgeous stuff.
This bolero was hand woven out of scraps of silk. The girls are wicked good, I tell you. No website for them that I can find, but you can contact them for an appointment: Isaac found an awesome screen printed hoodie in their shop for $35. They complimented my passport knit gloves and knew who Eunny Yang is. I heart them.
We are definitely going next month. Although I am not a reporter for, I play one on my blog. I made a web album of all the photos I took. Check it out here.

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