Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lisa Anne Auerbach

Lisa Anne Auerbach came to Mills College as part of a grad student's guest speaker project. I am a big fan of Lisa Anne's machine knit sweaters. I liked her presentation about her work, and learned of her other projects. The tract house project was particularly compelling for me. I love the idea of flyering people about something like "don't feed the pigeons."

The sweaters are such eye candy, I had to post a picture. Despite the constant demand for more sweaters, she has made so many that she wants to move on to something else. It was great to learn more about her thinking behind sweaters with slogans. We are used to t-shirts with slogans, but sweaters with slogans mean something different. They last longer and don't end up in the garage rag pile.

I thought about how I would feel wearing such a sweater, and how strong Lisa Anne's political convictions are. I have lots of opinions, but they seem to change and shift almost constantly because I am a receptive person who would rather discuss an issue and find out more about what other people think. In any discussion, I usually start with questions (pointed), then take up a position and hold the line for no other reason than to draw other people's ideas out more. Despite coming off as full of opinions and a loud mouth, inside I am actually a wishy-washy flip-flopper.


Lisa said...

Thanks for coming out to the talk!! Was that you knitting in the middle row? You didn't introduce yourself!!!

Myrrhia Resneck said...

Hi Lisa! I said "hi" a couple times, but I guess you didn't recognize me--yes I was there with my knitting. Since you were there for the students of Mills, I didn't want to interrupt when you were connecting with them. Great talk!

Lisa said...

Sorry we weren't able to meet up. I saw that someone said hi to me when I was going out into the hallway before the talk but I didn't realize it was you! I had just come out of 8 studio visits and was a bit on the braindead side of things... Sorry about that. Thanks again for coming out!