Monday, August 9, 2010

What is your Favorite Double Jacquard Knit Technique on the Passap e6000?

Here's my grid in DAK.

Knit Technique 181 RIGHT SIDE.
Knit Technique 181 WRONG SIDE. I didn't need to "seal the edges" as described in the manual. I must have had the correct end needle selection by default. Stretch and fabric feel are nice enough.
Knit Technique 182 RIGHT SIDE.
Knit Technique 182 WRONG SIDE. I love the stripy back, but the front feels a little corrugated and doesn't have great stretch. Knit Technique 183 RIGHT SIDE.
Knit Technique 182 WRONG SIDE. This technique spread the fabric lengthwise quite a bit. It was stretchy and drapey. The grid was very distorted (elongated).Knit Technique 184 RIGHT SIDE.
Knit Technique 184 WRONG SIDE. This knit technique gave a very dense texture with almost no stretch, but reproduced the DAK grid exactly as I wanted it. I need to try loosening the tension and seeing if that gives me what I want. Knit Technique 186 RIGHT SIDE.
Knit Technique 186 WRONG SIDE. There is something fun going on with the tuck stitches on the reverse side. This swatch was springy. There could be something really fun to do with this texture. More experimentation required.
Knit Technique 187 RIGHT SIDE. Bizarre and full of potential.
Knit Technique 187 WRONG SIDE.
Knit Technique 188 RIGHT SIDE. The fisherman's rib is subtle and pretty. Grid is still being elongated in a way I don't like. Fabric feels nice though.
Knit Technique 188 WRONG SIDE.
Knit Technique 189/190 RIGHT SIDE.
Knit Technique 189/190 WRONG SIDE. 190 makes the jacquard kind of pop in a 3-D way. This is interesting and I want to play with it more. 189 was rather the same as some of the others.
So, tell me, which one do you use and why?

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