Saturday, June 28, 2008

Houses in the Neighborhood

This house has so much character. The owners seem to be in the long process of restoring it. I am confused as to why they have wrapped the redwood tree with metal flashing. Its on the corner of Dover and 62nd in Oakland.

I love riding my bike through neighborhoods and looking at the houses. In fact, I am fascinated by buildings in general, and tend to take lots of photographs of them when I am traveling. I snapped these this morning on the way back from knitting at Sweet Adeline with the knit-one-one ladies.

I love the joyfulness of this house that the owner has decorated with plastic flowers.

Here's some buildings that I snapped pictures of when I was traveling in Europe in 2004.
The one on the right was taken in Hamburg.

This one was taken in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. A strange place where they carefully washed grime off their art nouveau buildings and host a wonderful international film festival every summer.