Friday, May 1, 2009

Lazear Preview

My latest pattern is going to be available for free in the online publication, Knotions, on Monday. The sneak peak is out today. Take a cruise over there. I am really proud that I got to be part of the project. The editor, Jody, was awesome to work with.


triggity said...

It's a great top!

Shay Moore said...

Their website has been broken for days, and I can't get to the pattern. Can you help me get a copy, please? Thanks so much! Beautiful work!

Myrrhia Resneck said...

Here's a link to the pattern.

I fixed the link to the pattern page and it should now be available.

It was a major bummer when Knotions decided to stop publishing. I was glad that they left the page up for a while.