Friday, October 8, 2010

Even My Cables Have Cables

I saw this sweater in the Ferragamo store window in Union Square. I don't really like cabled sweaters that much, its partly because they are just so common (probably because everyone else loves them). This one is pretty special though. And, of course, the skull made of cables on the Alexander McQueen sweater I posted about last fall is wicked good too.

Ferragamo does great things with yarn.

I was on my way to Britex, where there were great bolts of knitted fabric, direct from another beloved (by me) Italian designer, Missoni. You could make your own suit. Like this lady did (photo from's article "Tommy do you see me?" featuring photos by Tommy Ton).

I love it.

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Monique said...

Cable sweater: I love that whole outfit!