Friday, February 25, 2011

Art Murmur

I will be selling my wares there on Friday, March 4, 2011. Starting at . . . uh 6:45? (Totally guessing).

I'll be at the 25th Street Collective, which just happens to be on 25th Street. My favorite galleries are there. I like Hatch Gallery too and the others over by Rock Paper Scissors. Check it out.

Also, they have projected pretty little short films on the big wall on the corner of Grand and
Telegraph. I liked the one about Leonardo Da Vinci and the birds from a couple months ago.

Just watch this lovable trailer!

Okay okay. Now some pictures.
The new Juki is rad, and I want to express my gratitude to totally helpful, kind and generous Ping, of East Traders, from craiglslist!

Ahhhh, leather & my knits are lovely together.
These here are clothing labels. They are from my grandpa and great-uncle's women's clothing. It was in Indiana, the homeland of my mom and many many friends!

I found it in a box when we brought grandpa out here to live close to his family in his twilight years. Maybe he is guiding me somehow.

Ahhh! Back in the schmata biz. Must be in the blood.

Why yes, that is a glitter-tastic sassaby, a cherished gift from an Bloomington, Indiana native!

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