Saturday, March 5, 2011

Art Murmur Evening In Review

Here are some photos from the Art Murmur -- WHICH WAS AWESOME! I met so many interesting, beautiful folks.

Thank you for all your feedback, I really look forward to making you more soft cuddly knits. See you next month!

Thanks to Nicole, my darling, for taking these photos. I don't know what I'd do without you, lady.

Can't wait to get this girl her very own hearburst dress . . . its in the works, dear!

MMMmmuah! xoxo.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you too! You had a great table - was very impressed. Loved the Japanese fabric book. Will send you some photos if they look good.

-Dave B.

gumboots said...

Sweeet! You seriously gotta get that guy to do some modeling for your fashion show next month. He is such a clothes horse!

NitaMM said...

Wow I love the neck warmer with the buckles!!! I want one :) The show looks like it was really great.